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The Summer is coming to an end! Here are some interesting news and other bits and bobs to entertain and inspire you!

As the new term gets underway we have a number of opportunities to serve in our existing work, notably with children and young people, both on a Sunday and mid week. We would also like to know if there is something you would like to be involved in that we don't currently do in terms of outreach and serving the community. To that end if you can offer some time to existing ministries or want to share something of your vision for something else please email your thoughts to svbc99@gmail.com.

From all the feedback we have been receiving, it seems that our series on The Lord's Prayer has struck many chords, inspired many conversations and, most importantly, prayers! If you want to take your thinking further we are recommending Pete Greig's new book called 'How to Pray'. There will be a discussion evening for those who have read it on Tuesday 24th September. If you would like to be part of this please sign up on the 'boring table' - so we know what venue would best suit the numbers coming!

Some of our small Groups will be returning from the Summer break to run The Prayer Course, which is a video based teaching series presented by Pete Grieg which takes the whole prayer conversation a bit further. If you are not in a small group but would like to enrol on this 8 week course please sign up!

Fixing a date for our next Alpha Course has been a bit like trying to herd cats! But the working date for the start is Wednesday 11th September - see Averil for more info!

Saturday 14th September will be a Quiet Day at The Mill for SVBC, Bloxham and Hook Norton. It is being led by Mike Tydeman and begins at 9.30 for coffee and pastries and ends at 3pm. Mike will be offering some ' guidance' as the day unfolds but the key will be to take time out to seek God for yourself. Please bring a packed lunch and Sign Up if you want to be part of this so that Mike knows how many he is working with!

Several people have voiced their concerns recently about sex and relationship education in our schools. This is partly because of the way the media have focused on the response from certain Muslim parents. We thought it would be good to hear some facts and think through what an appropriate Christian response might be. To that end I have invited Christians who are local Chairs of Governors, a primary Deputy Head and a Teacher involved in teaching this syllabus to share something of the what and the why with us and for a time of questions and discussion. exact format, 'panel', venue and date are still to be confirmed - but I thought you'd like to know about it!

Weekly Sheet

Missed a weekly sheet, please find a copy below.

SVBC Weekly Sheet 10th November 2019.pdf

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