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Hello Everyone!

I think we are now approaching the end of 'Week Two' but I've lost count to be honest! I hope you are all persevering out there - I have a motto of WWGTT - We Will Get Through This ! It comes to me whenever I am praying about the crisis we are in.

Praise God we are not without encouragement at this time! Thanks to the wonders of technology we have, in effect, 'planted' a 'new church' in the form of Live@11! Over the two weeks we have been running each broadcast has been watched by a good many more than normally come on a Sunday to SVBC! Some 145+ individual viewers (+ spouses and families) have been watching! So Praise God - and Praise God that Dave has assembled, in very limiting circumstances, a Heath Robinson approach to live broadcast that actually works!

Remember that Sunday's edition will include communion - so do have some bread or biscuits and some drink of some description to hand - nothing fancy will do - so that you can also join in.

The Leadership had a 'zoom' meeting on Thursday and we felt that the live@11 broadcasts were being pitched just right. So we will be continuing in that vein. However, I am conscious that they are limited in the teaching we can do. So I am going to be recording a new series from the E100 - taking us forward in Genesis. These will be in video form and loaded onto our website with study questions for you to view and maybe use in 'zoom' / WhatsApp small groups study groups as our 'Lockdown' continues.

Our new prayer meeting on a Wednesday evening started last week using Microsoft Teams. We were about 8 in number logged on and I sensed God leading our prayers over the internet! Praise God! We even got to hear Trish's cuckoo clock!! I know a few more of you struggled to join. Since then a number of us have experimented with 'Zoom' meetings and have found the quality was perhaps better. So this week's prayer meeting will be on Zoom. It is all about experimenting and finding out what works best! I know it means a lot of us learning how to use what can look like intimidating technology - every day is a school day! But I think we are all being forced/called out of our comfort zones to do Church in new ways. So be brave! and give it a go!

Here is the link - you can enter the meeting before me - but I will be logged on and live from 7.15pm! To Join Wednesday's Zoom Prayer Meeting click on this...


You may need to enter the following

Meeting ID: 189 822 381

Password: 227547

You can also join just by dialling your phone and then you can listen to us and speak as on the phone normally..

Here are two numbers you can phone on Wednesday to join in ( but be warned!, we don't know the call charges)

0330 088 5830 United Kingdom

0131 460 1196 United Kingdom

you will probably also be asked for the Meeting ID and Password to be able to join

Meeting ID: 189 822 381

Password: 227547

Like me you may be very new to Zooming! ( I thought my zooming days were long gone...) So if you want a bit more help here is a link to their help page with a video to help get you zooming!


I know not all of us live in Shipston but the Town Clerk is sending me regular helpful updates on various things. I attach a list of local suppliers who will do home deliveries at this time.

Supply List.pdf

I have also received details about accessing Citizen's Advice. Over 2 million people have recently visited the Citizen's Advice website. Whilst their offices are closed here's how to get in touch with them if you or someone you know needs their help

  • Instant Self Help: As always many issues can be solved through our comprehensive and informative online resource on our brand partner website www.citizensadvice.org.uk

  • Phone: You can reach us by phone between 10:00 - 15:00 Monday to Friday on 0300 330 1 183

  • Email: Our email form can be found here www.casouthwarwickshire.org.uk/contact/email-us

  • Webchat: www.casouthwarwickshire.org.uk/contact/chat-with-us

When lines are busy, we still have an answer phone facility. Return calls might be made outside normal hours and from a withheld number. When leaving any message, please remember to provide:

Your name Your number, and; A brief, clear outline of your issue An adviser will then call you back as soon as they can.

If your query is about our Help to Claim service (claiming Universal Credit):

Help to Claim phone line Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00 on 0800 144 8 444

Help to Claim chat online www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/contact-us/help-to-claim

Weekly Sheet

Missed a weekly sheet, please find a copy below.

SVBC Weekly Sheet 9th February 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 2nd February 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 26th January 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 19th January 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 12th January 2020.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 22nd December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 15th December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 8th December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 1st December 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 24th November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 17th November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 10th November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 3rd November 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 27th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 20th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 13th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 6th October 2019.pdf

SVBC Weekly Sheet 29th September 2019.pdf

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