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I trust that this finds you coping in a slightly loosened lockdown? I can't believe that this Sunday will be our tenth 'Live at 11'!!

Life is so very odd! I have just chatted with Ieuan who commented on the fact that we all now naturally cross over a street if someone approaches us on the same pavement! It really is strange that now we deliberately cross over to the other side! What a world!

But Praise God that we live where we do! So many of us have gardens and the countryside literally on our doorsteps. And Praise God that we are not going through all this like the people of countries like Libya - with militias fighting over territory and launching rocket attacks on the precious few COVID hospital units.

Church Matters

This week it was great to hear that Kate came out of hospital with baby Betty and is now back home with Benji and well on the mend! Praise God! It would also be good to be praying for Ieuan, who is awaiting an urgent operation to replace a heart valve. This will involve open heart surgery which will mean they can insert a valve that will last longer than others they could insert in other ways. Let us pray that he gets a date through soon, for God's healing and that he is back to firing on all cylinders! Richard is also awaiting a hospital appointment. But his is for his hip that is giving him a lot of discomfort. Let us pray they identify an effective course of treatment and for God's healing that he will have full pain free mobility again

Please continue to be praying about The Land. We are in active discussions with the Crown Estates and sorting out a few things such as access to our plot via the surrounding bits of land. It is all positive - but, as always, is taking time!

Clearly you would not expect me to go into details, but The Leadership have been making some 'stop gap' financial gifts to folk we have sensed are having a tough time financially. This has really blessed and encouraged people at moments of clear need. So thank you to all who have given to our 'Stop Gap' fund. It is really helping. Your generosity has also meant that we have yet had need to draw upon the Church's reserves in order to do this.

Don't forget the SVBC Zoom QUIZ - 7.00pm Sunday evening!!

Local Hospital Update

Talking of hospitals, ( I was a few lines ago..!) I was in the latest Shipston Health and Wellbeing Loneliness and Isolation Group zoom planning meeting this week. (it's one of the community projects I am part of) I saw a preview of the proposals for the re vamped Ellen Badger Hospital. It looks far more extensive than I had imagined. have a look and see what you think!

Ellen Badger Hospital Development Update – May 2020 - 4pp Leaflet - PROO... (1).pdf

The 23rd Psalm Project...

We are trying to put a new video together for our worship at Live@11. This time it will be The 23rd Psalm. What we need if for as many of you as possible to video yourself reading a version of Psalm 23rd. It can be any version. You can do it on a walk and outside if you are able to get out, the key things are

  1. To film in 'landscape' - that's oblong to us amateurs! so hold your phone on its side - that means the finished video will fill a whole screen

2 When you read - leave a pause between each sentence - so it makes editing easier to edit! Thank You!

Send it to Paul Crouch's email or WhatsApp him

And Finally..

lastly - and this probably won't be everyone's cup of tea - but if you are not able to go out and you miss the big open doors then this might help! May sees our woodlands carpeted with bluebells. This is a 20 minute video the National Trust has put together of their bluebell woods this year. Listen to the soundscape of the woods and watch full screen with the settings up to HD and it just takes you somewhere very peaceful! Praise God that the natural world just carries on as usual!

Praise God that The Lord still stands with us and still gives us strength!

Don't forget the QUIZ - 7.00pm Sunday evening!!

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