Sunday - 26 April 2020



Our worship team have been busy collating some content for you to watch at your leisure, we hope you will join in.

Junior Church

Hope you and all your family are ok. I hope your home schooling goes smoothly as much as possible and you all have time to enjoy each others company. I have to say I found homeschooling quite challenging and sometimes motivate my children is hard, because my own motivation is missing. But as we all know, we will go through it and soon this will be just another memory.

This Sunday is actually about to understand that we are not walking through our lives alone. Sometimes we can't see it, but Jesus walks with us, he holds our right hand and walks with us through our lives. He gives us hope, real hope, that everything will be just fine and we all will be ok. And this is the message from today Session. WE ARE NOT ALONE

Enjoy todays activity

First, please watch the little video, which shows us what actually happened on the road to Emmause. You can access it her: The Seriously Surprising Story.mp4

After you saw the little story, you can use the sheet below and reflect on THE story. You can print the sheet out, or you can create your own with children and do it your self. I will leave this activity on you. it would be great if children go through the questions and try to answer them on their answer sheet, just to help them to remember and understand to this story.

Here you can access the questions: Easter Trail


Here Is you work sheet which you need to complete: Trail answer sheet

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