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Junior Church

We hope you have had good and productive week. Did any of you managed to create your Easter garden with your children? If yes, please send it to Eva and I will post it on our SVBC website, thank you.

Today we are going to carry on with Jesus and His disciples' story.

Before you tell the story, please ask your child\ren to make a puzzle picture. Make sure the picture is appropriate to their age or ability, so they can do it without your help. Do not show them the picture before hand. It is very important, before your child Strats building the picture, you take a key puzzles out. So when children finish their picture the main part will be missing. Ask them, if they are able to see, or tell what is going on on the picture. Of course they won't be able to tell you. They might be guessing, but they wouldn't be able to tell for sure, because the key part is missing. After little wonder, give children the missing part and then ask them if they can see what is going on on the picture. You can explain them that this is exactly what happened to Jesus's disciples after Jesus was killed. They just didn't understand and couldn't see the whole picture, until Jesus visited them and reveal the key part of picture which was missing. Then all his disciples could understand and stoped be confused.

You can tell to children, that before we are able to understand about what is really going on, we first need to collect all the missing pieces, which can take long time and we need to learn to be patient. Sometimes we need to ask God for His wisdom and support. Always pray to God if you feel that you don't understand.

If you have a movie called Miracle maker, you can watch the little part when Jesus appears to His disciples and then when He meet Thomas. If you don't have the movie,You can read: Read John 20:19-22 t.

Ask your children to imagine that they are Jesus' disciples, and that this scene had just taken place. Ask them how they would feel about it.

Now read verses 24 and 25.

Ask the children what Thomas's response was, and why they think Thomas wouldn't believe that Jesus was alive.

Read verses 26-29.

Again ask your children what happened in the verses. They should also think about how Thomas felt when Jesus appeared. In addition, they should think about how Thomas felt about his earlier doubt – was he embarrassed that he had refused to believe, or was he so happy to see Jesus that there wasn't room for any other emotion?

Older children can watch this video about Thomas testimony after he spoken to Jesus. you can access it her;

You can have little discussion about what Thomas was saying to his mum.

Enjoy and have wonderful Sunday

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