Easter Sunday - 12 April 2020



Our worship team have been busy collating some content for you to watch at your leisure, we hope you will join in.

Full playlist if available from this link

or each song is available below.

Junior Church

Happy Easter filled with God's Blessings, joy, hope and love

If you would like you can read with your children the Easter Story and talk about it with children or if you wish you can watch the short Easter story which I recorded for you. I will leave it up to you.

Also if you would like you can watch this movie called Easter Carol (more suitable for younger children). Start 30:39 Finish 34:28

Here is little activity to do:

Crossword for Easter

You also might like to create an Easter Garden and share with me or with Dan and we will put them on our SVBC website to share with others.

Here is a little song from Colin Buchanan about Easter. Hope you will enjoy:

My God bless you with His love and Easter chocolate in abundance!

BTW - don't forget the Spring Harvest childrens content!

The final programme for Spring Harvest at Home has been confirmed - You can go to their YouTube page for more info : https://www.youtube.com/user/SpringHarvest

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