Sunday 10 May



Our worship team have been busy collating some content for you to watch at your leisure, we hope you will join in.

Junior Church

This Sunday, if we would be in Church we would be celebrating the VE Day. Unfortunately our circumstances are what they are and we will try to celebrate the victory this way. Hope you all will enjoy.

First before we start, if you want you can watch whole Horrible History episodes about WWII, or just the song celebrating VEDay, Start of song: 25:11. You will find it here:

You might want to talk about it more with your children and tell them how significant this day was for whole Europe and why.

Now, it is time to talk about victories, which we can read about from bible. You might talk about the Moses and crossing Red Sea, when God protects Jews people from Egyptians. You can find the whole story of Moses is here:


or you might skip it to the time when Jews people were crossing the see. It is 19:11

you can talk with your children about another God's people's victory which was Joshua and wall of Jericho. You can watch it here:

Than you might want to talk about much more significant and more important victory in all times - Jesus' Victory. This victory frees us for ever.

this is little reminder of our relationship between God and us. Please watch here:

If you would like, your child can decorate this little picture as a little reminder of what we believe. For this week craft follow this link:

Finally, please ask your child if there is anything what they need God to help them with. It could be anything. He understands to all our worries and He is always here for us. Please encourage your child to speak to God. Support them, pray with them. Help them to be sure of god's love and support.

Have a very happy Sunday

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