Sunday 5th April

Sunday 5 April 2020



Our worship team have been busy collating some content for you to watch at your leisure, we hope you will join in.

Our very own Paul Crouch (Part 1)

Our very own Paul Crouch (Part 2)

And don't forget Eva!

Junior Church

Palm Sunday:

Before you start this little activity for younger children: You will need some newspapers, magazines, catalogues, plain paper, scissors, glue sticks. Please cut out pictures of people travelling in some way from the newspapers, magazines and catalogues. Make a collage of all the different ways of travelling they can find. Now look at your collage and think can you see anybody traveling on a donkey? Maybe you can talk about it more with your child. Please if you want you can share your collage with me, thank you.

Now watch a little video:

For older children: Please look at following verses and answer the questions: 1)Matthew 21:9 a) can you add the missing word - .........'s son b) Who does God Bless? 2) Luke 19: 39-40 a) who spoke to Jesus? b) How did they called Him? c) What did they ask Him to do? d) what Jesus answered to them? Zechariah 9:9 a) can you add the missing word - People of .......... b) who is coming? c) what is he riding on? Now try to discus: all people in Jesus time knew about the Zachariah prophecy, what do you think they might feel when they saw Jesus riding the donkey and be welcome ask a king

Please now watch the little clip fro YouTube:

Now For all:

Time for thought: Why do you think Jesus entreated into Jerusalem on donkey. Why didn't he ride a majestic horse like every other King. Please have a discussion with adults in your home about it and let me know why it was, if you like. Thank you

Craft activity for all:

Please create a banner, if you can please send me a picture and I will make sure that Dan will share them on Sunday next week. For banner follow this link:

Welcome Jesus LJ17

Have fun and God Bless you all

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