Our music is fairly upbeat, and worship, our invitation to God, is an important part of our time with God. Our belief is that everyone is on a journey and the combination of the preaching of God’s Word and openness to the Holy Spirit have the power to refresh, charge and even change our lives, here in Shipston.

Children and young people are a large part of our church and so we have youth, children’s and pre-school groups who break off together after our collective worship.

We’d love to invite you to visit, check us out and see if you’d like to be a part of this thriving church community in your area. Our wider programme includes something for everyone, please check out What’s Going On.

Service Types

Sunday morning

We meet at Shipston High school. The service begins at 10.30am. We start with sung worship and at 11 the young people and children head off to their groups whilst the adults stay in the main church for the sermon, more worship and prayers.

Family Services

We hold a regular family service to celebrate and join one another, we encourage all ages to take part in this service regardless of whether or not you come with children as we celebrate the mix of ages we have and believe it is both beneficial and enriching for both young and old to spend time together as we all learn from one another.


We hold Communion on the first Sunday service of the month

Sunday evening

We have an evening service once a month alternating between a worship service held at the Shipston Methodist Church and a gathering of Cornerstone East baptist churches (Bloxham, Hook Norton and Shipston on Stour).

What We Believe

We believe that God loves us and is our Father and creator, and that he sent Jesus to show us how we can find God and know him. We believe that all people have 'messed up', and that Jesus lived a PERFECT life and died a death he didn't deserve. He did this so that we could know real forgiveness and a new life that we don't deserve. We believe that Jesus was raised from the dead, has returned to heaven and will come back to Earth in glory one day soon. In the meantime we believe that we are called to be filled with his Spirit, share our faith, and to live according to his Word, the Bible.

The team


Pastor and Trustee


Deacon and Trustee


Secretary, Deacon and Trustee


Deacon and Trustee


Deacon and Trustee


Treasurer, Deacon and Trustee


Safeguarding Officer


Deputy Safeguarding Officer

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